A profound look at tango

Mariana Soler (BsAs)

The tango workshops of Mariana Soler in September last year made a big impression on everyone involved and we are very happy to be able and announce that she’ll be giving another 6 workshops in the weekend of 8 and 9th of June 2019 in Academia de tango, Amsterdam. In two workshops she will be specifically addressing the theory and practice of ‘Tango Terapia’. In the other four workshops her thorough knowledge of tango and the body as a dancing instrument will be the central theme.

There will also be a chance to take private classes with Mariana between  the 4th and 13th of June.

Saturday June 8th

1) 13.30-15.00 Tango terapia (theory and practice)
2) 15.30-17.00 Creating a better connection with your partner through a better understanding of you own body
(applied to the most important movement in tango: walking)
3) 17.30-19.00 Comfort and subtlety in the embrace
(Applied to turning movements like giro’s and ocho’s)(Saturday 21.00-1.00 Tango salon with DJ El Irresistible)


Sunday June 9th

4) 12.00-13.30 Tango terapia (theory and practice)
5) 14.00-15.30 Physical communication with yourself through the contact with your partner
(Applied to the dance as a whole)
6) 16.00-17.30 The use of your bodyweight in the dance (Applied to sacadas)
1 workshop: 17,50 euro | 2 or more workshops: 15 euro per workshop
These workshops are interesting for all levels. Individual subscribtion is possible. If you prefer to subscribe with your own partner please mention your partners name in your e-mail.
For questions and subsciption contact BasKnuttel@hotmail.com


From 4-13 June, Mariana will also be available for private lessons. These will take place in Utrecht, at walking distance from Utrecht Central Station.
For booking a private class contact BasKnuttel@hotmail.com



‘Tango terapia’ is a discipline that focusses on the integration of the physical emotional, cognitive and social qualities in people. The primary goal is search for the mental and physical unity and health of the individual. Tango terapia is based on communication through empathy.



MARIANA SOLER is a beatiful tango dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with broad didactive experience, both in teaching tango and in Tango terapia. After receiving her university degree, she decided on becoming a dance- and movement therapist and started combining this with tango, since these disciplines have a lot in common.
Her first experience in combining these two disciplines was when she worked with a group of obesitas patients in the clinical environment of a public hospital in Buenos Aires. This was the incentive for her to start a further investigation on how to approach other clinical pictures using dance- and movement therapy in combination with tango. The results of this research were presented in the National congres (parlement) of Argentina. Some examples of the work she has been doing since, is working with schizofrenia patients and helping regular tango students by integrating dance- and movement therapy in her tango lessons.
In addition to the regular tango workshops she’s giving around the world as a dancer, she has been providing special Tango terapia workshops in several countries such as Argentina, Russia, Switserland, Brasil and the Netherlands. Through this approach, she experiences that people are more willing to ‘give themselves’ than in the regular workshops, and that’s why she loves doing them. And to Mariana love is ‘the most important in anything we do’.