Tango is a mirror that gives you suggestions for change

Did you know that tango is a fantastic¬†metaphor for life? Whether your own character, your position in life, or cooperation with others: in the tango you are, both literally and figuratively, confronted with both yourself and others! It’s a mirror, but one that gives you suggestions for change
The skills you need for tango are a seamless fit with what is expected from the modern-day human. Not that long ago, the emphasis was to survive, as an individual or a business, based on efficiency and effectiveness. Mainly the left part of the brain was being queried. Currently, it is much more important to continuously adapt to changing circumstances. Be flexible, be fast, be nimble. Important themes are innovation and adaptation. For that you need the right part of your brain, where creativity and flexibility rule!
For many of us, especially the ones who have been in the ‘old world’ for a while longer, it is tough to develop these creative activities. This is why it is a good idea to wake up that right hemisphere and re-connect to the possibilities that are underneath the surface, even when that might be a bit outside of our comfort zone. But how?
In this process, the Argentine tango is a truly appropriate tool. The right part of the brain is being stimulated and activated in a concrete and gentle way (intuition, music, creativity, flexibility). Moreover, tango’s emphasis – as a pure flow activity – is almost completely on the process, and not (contrary to many creative endeavors) on the goal to create something that can be presented to others. And that is a good thing. The expectation of necessarily having to create something presentable is often a major burden, and getting in the way of being able to give and concentrate, especially for those who have taught themselves that they are ‘not creative’. Just be in the moment.
Besides creative and flexible, the tango is also an activity that is inherently social. Not just in the sense of being in a room with others, but also in the sense of true cooperation. Together, you are as good as the sum of the parts and optimizing both how you function yourself, how you can anticipate and respond to others, and seeing how others respond to you, all adds directly to the joint result. Learning is instantaneous.
If you want to have a peek in the ‘tango mirror’ yourself, or if you are interested in a tango company workshop that will wake up your colleagues or employees in a refreshing ¬†and sympathetic way that connects to the demands of the current age, feel free to contact us through the contact form or email.
Of course, you can give us an old-fashioned ring as well; in all likelihood you are behind a computer screen for more than enough of your time!
Hasta tango!
Bas Knuttel
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