The Tangophiles…

Hi there,

Thanx for tuning in to my new tango blog, the State of Tango TANGOPHILES!

I have been writing about tango quite a lot on facebook, but found out I started repeating myself too much in discussions and that I was merely reacting then choosing my own subjects.

In this blog I will write about my personal experience with tango, my own ‘state of tango’ so to say. I will write about almost anything here, as long as I feel it’s worth writing about and it has a link with tango, tango culture and Argentina. Text, photos, video… just everything that keeps me busy.

So have fun and if you think it’s interesting: subscribe to out State of Tango NEWSLETTER and/or share our the blogs on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest etc.). Because in the end my goal with this blog is to get many more people interested in the magic of tango!


Hasta tango!

Bas Knuttel

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