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State of Tango is dedicated to spread the word about the magical social dance called tango.


We are based in the Netherlands, but our standard communication, activities and lessons are in English, to be able and serve a diverse and international tango crowd.


Our vision on tango is strongly formed by our dance education in Buenos Aires. As a direct result, our dance style is the so called ‘tango salón’, danced in 98% of the social dance salons in Argentina. It has a strong focus on musicality, playfulness, elegance, improvisation, passion, individual expression and (social) contact.


But tango is more than a dance. It’s all about creating beautiful connections, both on and of the dance floor and a brilliant mixture of ageless pleasure, personal growth, unselfish cooperation and beautiful culture.


In Argentina they say ‘Tango te espera’, which means so much as ‘Tango is awaiting you’.  SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


PS We love to cooperate both with other dance organizers and in cultural, social or business events outside the tango scene. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to add a state of tango to your event!

Tango music

The music is leading in tango. In Argentina, music from 'la Guardia Nueva' (1925-1955) is considered the best for dancing.


Not your steps, but the gentleness of your embrace is how your partners will remember you. The embrace is your door to heaven!


Tango is an improvised dance, based on intelligent harmonic physical communication between leader and follower, two different but equal roles.

Social contact

Social interaction is an important part of our dance. A couple will share the floor and salon with many other people.


Age, size and colour are irrelevant. Every person has his own passion, taste and abilities and will use this to create a unique dance.


Dancing tango is big fun and very healthy. A pure flow activity! Once you start, it'll be hard to stop... Don't say we didn't warn you!

Would you like to dance?

It takes two to tango, but it takes you to start! Once you’ll taste the elegance, gentleness, improvisation and human connection of tango you’ll want to stay in a state of tango forever.

Check our classes or leave us a messsage and together we’ll get you on the dancefloor in no time!

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Hasta tango!